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Victoria Montaña

I am a Colombian artist currently based in the UK. I have worked with installation, sculpture, drawing and painting. I am interested in proposing a language through the materiality of organic and found objects, when I see the body as a passage to access and respond.


Instagram: @victoria.montanaa



Artist Statement

My practice explores fragility, contradicting what it means in our context of strength and standing. I am constantly exploring and paying attention to some body conditions that may be able to build and weave dynamics in which we feel and embrace the body, both collectively and individually. 


My practice is given by a constant questioning about permanence, approaching concepts like resistance, affection, memory and proximity. There is an intention to evoke a long breath feeling, where the urge of prolonging and the attempt to sustain, are always dealing with unstable and abysmal trajectories.


I am interested in the body experience through the making process and when the work is received by the viewer, both sides. Conceiving the body as a passage to go into an immersive space and as a means of recovery and connection. My work necessarily needs to be penetrated for external and intimate conditions or situations, allowing the body dialogue between this fluctuation and also proposing the viewer to be near, to pay attention and respond. 


I understand my practice as an instrument to denounce or expose, to ‘claim for’. This idea makes sense when I talk through the concept of fragility, where I find a connection that links a wide range of concerns that in diverse forms ends by touching or involving us in some way.  For me fragility is a vehicle that guides us to the common, is a reminder space where I assume that as everyone, I’m susceptible to ‘fall’. 


Through this ‘falling’ as a body metaphor - but also referring to the challenging world I constantly find myself in, where the identity and memory have always been distorted, perverted or imposed - there is a possibility to reassume, reconstruct, recover that position and bind the lost or essential to that fragmented body.


Fragility is something that we live with, it constitutes our body, our states, our non-permanent and variable conditions. But also, I consider fragility as a route of returning to experiences, insights, and connections. It is a path where resistance could be found despite the surrounding broken pieces.

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