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Tim Heath

I have a G.C.E. ‘O’ level in art from 1976. I studied other things at college and then spent thirty-eight years working in primary schools. I squeezed in some painting and printmaking as best I could. Now, retired from paid employment, I have the huge privilege of time to read and discuss and think and make


Instagram: @timheath1459



Artist Statement

To a greater or lesser extent, these are the advices I try to heed and the queries I try to answer:


What do you want to do? Trust practice not rhetoric. Act with precision in a state of uncertainty. Always try to make. Better be sorry than safe. Don’t choose your style. Employ images of making rather than finding. Ask questions slowly. Wonder that there is something not nothing. Ask where you belong. Stay close to home. Hey, be happy whatever you decide. Project your felt life. Make your ignorance as precise as you can. Turn your back on looking and see. Glory be to God for dappled things. Trap fugitive visions. Invent, don’t try to recover. Show, wherever and whnever. Embrace accidents. What is it like, being here? Show aggressive curiosity with healthy scepticism. Trust intuition. Vivify the particular. See the sublime everywhere. Have no plan for the future. Stay rooted in the visible world.

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