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Sonya Wilkins Ceramics

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Artist Statement

My work is driven by my quest to create ceramic vessels as activators for well-being, using earth, clay and universal life force energy. During my practise, I have developed an authentic connection with my Mother - nature. She has given me permission to make within natural crevices in her earthy flesh. This process has unearthed me as well as the vessels that are born from her. Often I sit on her, beneath her, held within her, becoming part of a nature tableau. I twist textures, take impressions from organic matter and sprig them onto the surface of the vessels. I absorb, translate and exude, creating a visual bridge and language for you to respond to. I have become her translator. My aim is to engage all senses, so I use projection to imbue an ethereal quality echoed by tree spirits, in the hope that it touches a part of you longing for home; can you hear her calling? ‘Haven’ is an orchestra of vessels brought together to sing you a soul song; bringing the outside, inside and into that part of you which longs to be nourished. Let them water you - hold them, sit with them, listen to them…pour out your desires to them, they will hear you and answer to your well-being.

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