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Shalini Jasoliya

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Artist Statement

The graphic novel I am working on is based on Hindu mythology. It is the very first love story that appears in text of Hinduism (Mahabharata), and it’s an epic start to the book. The aim behind the graphic language and visuals for this story, is to foreground the fact that the Mahabharata exists above the great Kurukshetra war and to have a closer look into the details of the narrative - that may previously have gone over our heads. I have worked on strong visuals of the feminine figure to aid the viewer in questioning ideas of modesty within the story.

Choosing the right visual style for this narrative has been a real challenge. Experimenting with various mediums, I finally decided to work in Procreate, however the style is inspired from line and texture, giving the imagery a sketchy feel which makes the visual style look as if they are pencil drawn. The graphic visuals are black and white with little touch of turquoise blue on the feminine body, to make her visual representation more attractive and to enhance the beauty of the story.

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