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Rhea Morton

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Artist Statement

Rhea Morton is an artist, educator and researcher. Her practice is process-driven with material engagement at its core. Currently exploring a set of overlapping dialogues between artist, glass, parian clay and heat, she sets up an environment that fosters an intimate exchange as the materials respond to each other in the kiln. Post-firing, mesmerising patterns emerge as light streams through the materials. These are made tangible through the use of photograms.

Creating space for the materials to be is important to her practice; playing with control and agency, recognising the role of each tool and material in the work as a whole. A desire to work with materials is deeply rooted in her pedagogical engagement with others; a pedagogy that is strongly connected to play as an act of discovery, or indeed just a way of existing in the world.

This work explores the potential to consider practice as a collective act; acknowledging the agency and importance of both material and maker, noticing how each impacts the making process and is affected by the intimate relationships that develop between them.

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