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Prachhi Patel

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Artist Statement

Coming from an architecture background, I viewed the world in structures and rigid forms. My practice has developed by using the space around me to construct imaginary places of interferences, entanglements, deep voids, debris, delays, alienation, distance, and intimacy through performance. My current focus is on creating art that uses performative film as a methodology to develop a series of participatory and intersubjective engagements probing the boundary between past/present, and real/imaginary.

I’m looking at the entanglement of an entity in the form of a female body from the past, creating a conversation using cultural elements like a sari and black braided hair. These ritualistic materials call for lost or absent bodies that become a block of memory in the soil. With this work, I’m also trying to talk about the ancestral memory and experiences that have been disremembered and decomposed, yet leave traces as muscle memory in our bodies.

I’m also interested in the ambiguity of the site of work made and exhibited. I’m always speculating ideas to incorporate aspects of live performance to build a narrative that creates an in-between space with the work, viewers, and myself.

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