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Mitch Pilkington

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Artist Statement

My work has evolved from a place of trauma, therapy and solace, with a strong focus on process, form and material. Although these elements of my practice are still relevant, the MA journey has led to a more content-led and consciousness-raising body of work. New pieces have become increasingly autobiographical which, in turn, has allowed me to regain the power to express myself without self-consciousness.

Whilst examining my own past traumas I have become engaged with female-experienced trauma; with questions of how we, as women, are obliged to suppress our rage and frustration at the inequalities we suffer daily, as well as the constant disappointment of expectation versus reality. These days female autonomy is under threat with the weaponization of women’s health in the US, which has led me to question if this is the start of a movement to silence and disempower us. Ultimately it will affect us all, especially our daughters.

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