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Luisa Jones

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Artist Statement

My intentions are to use photography as a medium as communication to unearth integral emotions.
We all share feelings of loss, solitude and indignation in our lifetimes but today we are still repairing after Covid-19. We all endured months of unbroken solitude, we have all been affected by social isolation, we've learnt how to distance ourselves from one another for our own safety and we have forgotten how to connect. After lockdown we had the opportunity to grow closer and to reflect on our priorities. Looking back, our isolation ended almost 16 months ago and we're now caught in a loop of uncertain events. The study of psychoanalysis has helped me to reach out and empathise with a stranger, to emphasise a level of empathy and giving emotional value to our interaction. These interactions specifically focus on emotional connection rather than a practised speech we have with strangers which appears as simulated social interaction as if we mimic each other's emotions to share similarities.
We are uniquely formed from experience but we rebel and unionise because of change.

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