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Lucy Green

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Artist Statement

My current practice sits within the heavily analytical space that weighs on the debate of craft versus art. Wanting to resist expectations imposed on me to create fine art I have opted to reclaim my narrative by choosing to journey the technical skills needed to create a functional object. I am focusing on production as a critical element of my work, wanting to empower and embed my final piece with the knowledge gained through progressive learning. I am choosing to embrace the mundanities of the ceramic mug, an object universally recognised and ritualistically used. 

Primarily a hand builder I have challenged myself to undertake the challenge of learning how to throw to further my technical knowledge and root my work in new skill. This work does not stand in opposition to either fine art or craft. Instead, it acknowledges the conflict they currently face and the hierarchical debate that shrouds the two.

My curatorial decision to display a singular mug as my only ceramic object stands as a powerful and audacious statement to the fact that craft and art are irrevocably interconnected.

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