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Lisa Cole

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Artist Statement

Lisa Cole is designer/maker and experimental ceramicist who translates intangible things into analogue generative artwork and solid and tactile forms. Her work admits access to a different world of experiences where songs grow into shapes, nature draws patterns and feelings can be captured as objects.

Incorporating philosophy, folklore, psychology and poetry, emotions are mapped to cardinal directions represented by forms created through ritualistic drawing, slicing, joining and contemplative practice. Each element embodies the emotion it was created from. Movement drawn onto clay is sliced, rotated and rejoined using techniques more often used by pattern cutters. The result is an object that is born from data.

Earth is grounded, a calm positive emotion woven by human and nature.
Water is sleepless nights and tasks that never get done.
Fire is a negative high energy rage.
Air is the happiest dance of all, an upward movement of spinning joy.

If you answer this riddle you’ll never begin.

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