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Lichen Davenport

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Artist Statement

From What is Left Behind

I am drawn to materials that have been discarded, lost, left behind and abandoned that are often on track to landfill.

I have been exploring the idea of ‘what is left behind’ – not just the clothes that we wear and dispose of, but also the marks that are created during production and through the lifespan of a garment. On a recent trip to the Huit denim factory in Wales, I was struck by the shapes of the off cuts generously given to me, their contours themselves retaining traces of making and contributing to the silhouette of my making process. I am similarly interested in marks of ‘wear and tear’ of a garment - their history engrained within the fibres creating unique and often subtle marks and flaws. My project is about elevating these fabric remnants and discarded pieces to produce something new that speaks a different language. A celebration of the second-hand by reframing what is left behind.

The outcome of this project is to produce work that both engages craft processes, while circularity being at the core of my practice.
By reimagining the disregarded as potentials that show a new way against the normalised procedures of take, make and waste.
Through exploring the processes of stitch, cutting, punching, piecing, and layering, the collection of work aims to encourage questions around an alternative approach to consumption.

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