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Jonathan Raine

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Artist Statement

My practice centres on concepts around light; light is used as a methodology
for provoking a reassessment of how we see, and perceive. Using 360o
cameras and 3D software I capture light, control it, shape it, and make
physical and virtual forms from it; light is captured in the real world and
transformed into virtual and 3D printed physical sculptures, videos, and
interactive content. My images of sculptures are computer-generated but use
scans and photos captured from reality. This contradiction appears often in
my work. My practice creating in a virtual making space also questions: what is more important, the physical 3D object, or the image of it? My work
responds to topical and often uncomfortable issues. How my work
communicates is influenced by my professional background in mass
advertising. It’s important to me that my work is accessible and so uses a
visual language that is easily understood.

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