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Jeswin Johnson

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Artist Statement

Departure' is a book portraying a collection of photographs forming a narrative, exploring three phases of emotions, excitement, grief, and hope. The aspiration is to generate a material that delivers a cinematic experience to the audience. The story illustrates the emotions carried out in the relationship journey of the two main characters, the girl dominates the context by allowing the other character to remain ambiguous which is corroborated by the first-person view. The first-person view and the viewer's perspective are the compositions used to disaggregate the impact of the relationship between the audience and characters. The visual details proposed in the images provide a metaphorical touch to the narration. The two kinds of flowers symbolize each character to depict the presence and as a gesture of sharing love. The grief and holding onto memories are defined using cap as metaphorical element. The transformation of aesthetic moments to painful memories are portrayed through the bag. The different elements portray the responsibilities that varies through each state of emotion. The final chapter ends in a naturistic setting with elements of music and book. Nature and music are illustrated to show as an icon of hope and healing which also describes how she is trying to move on from the past by embracing the change and accepting the truth. The story ends with the a flower that symbolizes the lost character, to show the presence of that character in the absence like a spiritual way and how she feels secured by that thought.

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