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Jelena Dietrich

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Artist Statement

Do you ever wonder what your neighbor is doing? Growing up without immediate neighbors,
the concept of sharing a wall with an unknown person seemed absurd, yet undeniably
intriguing. This paradox sparked a fascination within me, prompting an exploration of the
intimate lives unfolding behind those barriers. My artistic journey is centered around a
captivating collection of stories—narratives depicting the living constellations and the subtle dramas within.

Through this art form, I aim to present the viewers with a unique opportunity—to peer into
the private lives of strangers, those who remain familiar yet unknown, hidden behind the walls that separate us. These porcelain narratives serve as windows into the intimate emotions, joys, sorrows, and struggles of the individuals next door.

But my role as an artist does not end with the mere portrayal of these stories. It extends to a
subtle manipulation—a delicate dance between representation and misrepresentation. By
representing the narratives through my artistic lens, I raise questions about the subjective nature of truth. How do we perceive others, and how are we perceived? Where do the boundaries of reality and imagination intersect? As the porcelain narratives come alive with a dreamlike shine, they challenge the viewer to discern fact from fiction, provoking a deeper exploration of their own perceptions and biases.

My art is a way to think and talk about things. It helps us appreciate the mysteries of the unknown and the interesting stories happening nearby. When truth and fiction mix, we are encouraged to look beyond our limits, connect with others more deeply, and celebrate the
diverse and beautiful human experiences all around us.

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