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Emma Adams

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Artist Statement

My current work explores narratives of the surreal through tactile and sculptural forms that exist in an unfolding story, played out in two and three dimensional space - a scene of an unusual occurrence.

Ritual, rite and pause. Small moments. The space where the numinous holds. This reveals itself in experiments with drawing, painting, writing, and making. On occasion, performance and the sensory possibilities of the language of film and sound are explored to capture a moment of existence.

I am seeking a place of memory where the object of recollection returns and hovers between the conscious and the subconscious, a reality that evades subjectivity. Desire, transformation and the inter-connection between the human and non-human realms are suggested for visceral and visual pleasure. It is my intent to generate a relationship between object and viewer that is ambiguous but felt, as the objects assert themselves in their own right.

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