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Emily Lewin

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Artist Statement

I am an artist and maker, tending to things in clay, photography and words.

My practice is deeply process led, created in the space in between maker and material autonomy. Sensitively and curiously experimenting with tactility, light and tone to reach the edges of what may be expected.

The making process is an intimate and personal. Distilling and instilling personal history, emotion, and complex narratives down into the calm, quiet and contemplative resulting works. I am intrinsically bound with the pieces I make. They are of me; bodies of my body.

I instinctively gravitate towards repetitive and laborious processes that require a state of almost devotional making. Nurturing, refining, and working in tandem with the material at every stage. It is a collaboration, a conversation, a container.

This process culminates in a form of shrine making. Gathering together these crafted individual objects into multiple-based installations where they find new meaning and resonance through their placement and relationship to one another.

Regardless of material, my practice exists in the in-between. Seeking to capture moments of silence and beauty, akin to something sacred. A caught breath. A pause.

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