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Edie Evans

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Artist Statement

Edie is a conscious and value driven artist, with a strong desire and responsibility to work and live with a small environmental footprint and consideration of the impact of actions in all areas of her life and work. Her desire to take an ethical approach has driven a shift beyond conventional art and textile materials and practises into exploring found objects, gathered materials and natural processes. Thus forming a record of her experience of the natural world and understanding of the wealth of materials it provides throughout its natural cycles. Much of her work involves walking and exploring the ever changing edges of landscapes, collecting traces and connecting to history, becoming part of its journey. She uses natural materials, primarily clay, as a tool to gain a unique understanding of the past, deep time, and our current place in the world. She explores the stratigraphy of the landscape, the layers which have appeared, and the changes to them caused by natural and human processes. There is a habitual and embodied process as she harvests and utilises foraged materials and a rhythm and relationship inherent in the act of her instinctive making with them. She develops a dialogue between place, material and herself as the maker through the collaborative transformation of raw materials. Edie’s work is a balance between conceptual depth and material precision, she uses her unique material knowledge as a tool for environmental engagement. By making interactive, immersive work that is open to interpretation: moving instillations, textiles and moving image she encourages a thoughtful and emotional audience response.

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