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Catherine Hood

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Artist Statement

I am using the processes of painting and drawing to explore what it is to be an experiencing body relating to the human and non-human world in the present moment.

My art practice is informed by my meditation practice and my search for a deeper meaning and perspective in life. When I am painting or drawing, like the breath in Buddhist meditation, the action becomes a point of focus to unite body and mind, leading to a similar experience of the emptying of self. I look to work from this intuitive space where I feel I become one with the world around me and like something beyond me is working through me.

Using oil paints and a variety of media, including crayons and graphite, I layer marks that record those things that come up in my awareness – sounds, sights, colours, light, and my own breathing, bodily sensations and emotions. Like a spiritual training, my practice is becoming a ritual of showing up and being with what is, as I try and learn not to judge either the moment or the outcome as good or bad. The process is of prime importance, and the success of any outcome is not about a formal aesthetic but more whether the painting feels alive and true.

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