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Bryan Rawlings

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Artist Statement

Bryan’s extensive experience in commercial sculpture provides him with an unparalleled set of craft skills. His aim is to create composition-based expressions of intensity across painting and sculpture. He uses a variety of forms and surfaces to enable his creative vision; his recent work has grown out of an interest in challenging the conventions of painting. It also evinces a growing interest in the importance of human-related scale, rejecting the extremes created by his earlier systems-based work.

He seeks both a tension and a fluidity between painting and sculptural forms. He is interested in the way that nature reclaims man-made structures, which feeds into his work. Francis Bacon is an important influence. He recalls the visceral thrill of first seeing a Bacon painting and aspires to achieve the same with his work.

Bryan’s artwork is ambitious in scale and complexity of technique, suited to large scale gallery spaces. Also in its individuality, and refusal to follow mainstream artistic genres. He believes that art should be thrilling, scary, edgy, challenging, exuberant, and joyous. Most important of all, it must be sincere. These are the values at their root of Bryan’s art.

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