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Bhavana Ram Mohan

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Artist Statement

In my practice as a performance artist, I engage in the creation of unannounced interventions within public spaces. I utilize the expressive potential of my dancing body, thinking through the vocabulary of Bharatanatyam, to provoke a moment of dissonance and reclaim agency within shared environments.

My work is driven by a deep commitment to decolonizing spaces and disrupting hegemonic narratives that perpetuate exclusion and erasure. By improvising to an intent using the language of classical dance, I aim to challenge dominant cultural paradigms. Through the performance of an intellectual emancipation, a present memory, I offer an embodied method of being in the world. By reclaiming and recontextualizing public spaces, I provide alternative perspectives that renegotiate geographies, history and cultural significance.

Through my interventions, I encourage viewers to reflect upon their own relationships with the spaces they inhabit, to reconsider the power structures at play, and to imagine new possibilities for collective engagement. By disrupting the conventional rituality and methodologies of engagement in public spaces, I create moments of rupture, offering glimpses of a future and a past in the present where diverse narratives, identities, and intellectual autonomy already coexist harmoniously.

I am deeply fascinated by kinaesthetic intelligence and the embodied mind. My practice involves presenting the irredeemable divide between cognitivism and embodiment by allowing the body to speak for itself in space, and subsequently translate the movement and its corresponding intentionality into language. The written word and the graphic line serve as a record of this work.

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