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Beverley Acott-Williams

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Artist Statement

Beverley Acott Williams is an interior and textile designer for Chausey Limited, a family design company, based in Wales.

After having studied Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art, she pursued an early career in Television Costume Design, before later building a business in interiors.

Working primarily in the residential sector, Beverley has returned to education with the intention of developing a considered collection of hand crafted, printed and embroidered accessories to add richness and tactility to her interior schemes. Believing the home to be a place of sanctuary and nurture, she works with natural fibres, predominately linen and wool, sourced either from Europe, or within the UK.

She is concerned with the longevity and sustainability of her work, as much as the functionality and aesthetics. With this in mind, she has embarked on an ongoing exploration of the intriguing world of plant based natural dyes.

Her Masters Project is a collection of fabrics and accessories entitled ‘Cantate’. It takes its inspiration from the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden in St Ives, and draws upon her love of mid century sculpture and design, and its relationship with the natural world.

The explosion of art, design and innovation which followed the Second World War, can only be an inspiration to designers working in today’s post Covid environment, challenged with tackling the climate issues we all face, whilst simultaneously striving to deliver joyful outcomes.

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