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Artist Statement

Rooted in my home country's social and political landscape (Bosnia and Herzegovina), my work is fueled by a profound need to unravel the complexities of existence and human nature. I embarked on a journey of inward and outward exploration, driven by a hunger for self-awareness and a desire to bridge personal experiences with universal truths. In this pursuit, my work emerges as a testament to the shared human experience.

Themes of absence and presence, self and other, often find their way into my work. My creative process encompasses observation, deconstruction, and reassembly, through which I embrace seemingly futile actions that demand time and patience. Through these almost meditative states, I give life to prose which preserves its raw intimacy through handwritten forms.

My art serves as an invitation, a space where viewers discover layers of meaning. I aim to prompt reflection and even moments of thoughtlessness by creating a space where time is suspended. From discarded fabrics to improvisational techniques, I embrace diverse mediums that embody my evolving practice.

Windows, rectangular shapes, and anonymity recur in my work, guiding focus, prompting contemplation, and inviting viewers to find their own narratives.

As an artist, I explore the interplay between the individual and the neoliberal world, delving into the struggle for identity and visibility. Through my work, I offer a voice to the unseen and the overlooked, urging a reconsideration of what it means to truly exist in our complex society.

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