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Amy Gale

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Artist Statement

This project started with my nan. She has been a big inspiration to me throughout my life, and she continues to be so. When she was a teenager, she started working at a factory, like many other women entering the workforce for the first time. These women would have had the freedom of money which many women didn't have. A lot of the decisions that women made would have been through their husbands or fathers.

I began by researching these women who worked in factories, mainly in the 60s (as this is when my nan was working) I wanted this project to take inspiration from this decade, but also have elements of feminine and masculine style. I am fully aware that feminine and masculine are social constructs, but I wanted to touch upon how these women were working in male-dominated spaces for less pay and recognition. They fought for equal pay within the workplace, which was not granted until 1970. I will explore the stereotypical idea of feminine and masculine through my collection, thinking about my fabrics and prints.

Over the years women have fought for fundamental rights. This got me thinking about what equal rights women have achieved through the generations.

This project consists of a collection of three outfits and a banner that records a timeline of women’s rights, starting in the 1900s and ending in this decade. The collection will have elements of practicality, masculine and feminine style.

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