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Alice Gomiero

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Artist Statement

Anaesthesia is a medical word borrowed and adapted in this case to indicate the contemporary condition of alienation and loss of empathy, a shutdown of the senses caused by a system founded on quick information, circulationism, overstimulation and therefore passivity.

Moreover, the term “anesthesia” is spelt differently to underline the Aesthetic role and relevance bound to the loss of “sight/gaze”; extreme consequence of this inevitable process.

Being blinded on this occasion means being attracted by the splendour of new technologies and the illusion of being connected to the present, which results in forgetting one’s subjugation and stasis, becoming passive machines.

Contemporary Art and its features of slow thinking and social practice, is depicted, but especially found, as cure or antidote. The role of Curators and Artists is now, more than ever, crucial to subvert this system through strategies of disruption and resistance.

The aim is to trigger Dumbfoundedness, the liminal space that exists between the moment of physical reception and the elaboration of linguistic judgement.

Art does not want to inform us, it does not want us to know, but produces, without communicating it, the unexpected, the unrecognizable and the unacceptable, all provocations to sabotage “the society of non thought”.

Alice Gomiero’s practice orbits around the role of the curator as a contemporary figure. This figure in her perspective should be devoted to mediate and facilitate the relationship that exists between art as the medium to decipher the contemporary and its fruitor.

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