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Alice Bowen-Churchill

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Artist Statement

Alice Bowen-Churchill is a Bristol-based artist, designer, and arts educator. Her first degree was in textile design. Throughout her MA Design course at Bath Spa University, she has developed her practice by exploring chance encounters to create visual imagery.

Alice uses drawing as a starting point for her process; from here, chance and play infuse the process by embracing the impermanence of cast shadows; this encourages lines, forms, and shapes to emerge. Alice’s fascination with play encourages the audience to engage in creating new shadows and forms that are both transient, unique, and fleeting, much like the source material.

Alice has developed her practice using this method throughout the MA by exploring the idea of chance encounters as a premise to create visual imagery. Alice utilises the impermanence and fragility surrounding the notion of shadows, making continual and overlapping drawings to depict how shadows alter and how light moves to capture these transient lines.

These explorations have culminated in creating immersive environments with projections of colour, light, and shadows. The use of dichroic film, acrylic, and light has allowed her to create the multi-layered projected kinetic imagery that invites and encourages the viewer to discover a unique experience.

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