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Shruti Suttatti

I am a ceramics artist, based in India. After my Bachelors in Fine arts , I followed my interest in 3D forms and working with sculptures and installations using a number of different mediums like paper and metal. This lead me to explore ceramics as a medium and I fell in love. I completed my Masters in Ceramics at Bath Spa University and am looking forward to continuing my journey with this incredible medium and exploring the endless possibilities through it.


Instagram: @shrutisuttatti



Artist Statement

As a ceramic artist, my goal is to produce contemporary work that can add a touch of elegance and creativity anywhere, without taking up too much usable space. I work with earthenware and stoneware clay, producing sculptures that are stylised and textured with very fluid and intuitive forms. The surfaces offer a lot of visual movement and beg to be touched. The indulgence in the details stems from the need to find focus, away from everyday monotony. The style of the compositions come from mild influences from Indian art, embroidery and prints that I have been around all my life. The simplicity of having clay on its own, without too much colour or treatment has been a conscious decision. High firing allows the textures to stay pronounced and subtle at the same time, allowing the work to perform differently in every light.

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