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Sarah Kniveton

My name is Sarah Kniveton and I am a Bath based artist. I work with print, photography and video. I am interested in the themes of memory and time.


Instagram: @sarah.kniveton


Kniveton_Sarah - SARAH KNIVETON.jpg

Artist Statement

I work primarily with print and photography and have experimented with incorporating these with video and 3d forms. My work is research based and experimental.


Currently I am exploring memory as a process, how it alters memories and its relationship to photography, print and the archive.


I have been working with found photographic negatives, scanning, printing and allowing them to change and ultimately degrade by repeat printing, layering and mirroring.


I am interested in how our relationship to time, space and memory is changing in the digital age, how stable digital memory is, and how does it degrade and change?


How will our collective and individual identities and our ability to remember be affected?


To record and store memory is a privileged activity, how does this affect our collective identity?


Photography and video are natural media for working with memory and time as they have an inbuilt temporality. The digital manipulation of images acts as a metaphor for the way that memories can be changed and lost. Printmaking can also be used to create physical layers of images. Ideas of time as a structure to hold ‘memories’ could be explored in 3d form.

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