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Sarah Jordan


I previously trained as a Textile artist, creating work for exhibitions and commissions alongside lecturing within Further Education. Throughout the Master's course I have moved my practice from one based within two dimensional Textiles towards Sculptural Fine Art, focusing on materiality, sustainability, accumulation and consumerism. I have travelled extensively but am now living and working in Bath.


Instagram: @sarahhjordan



Artist Statement

The exploration and behaviour of materials is at the heart of my Sculptural practice. Ideas around accumulation, consumption and our relationship to objects is driving my current thinking in relation to making. 

Using waste and packaging provides accessible materials to repurpose into creative outcomes.

Amalgamating the donated packaging, combined with additional materials, letting go of preconceived notions and allowing the actions of making to propel the work forward, increasing scale and volume through multiplicity.

The tactile hands-on interaction with materials is integral to the work. It is an intentional collaboration and dialogue between myself the instigator and the material, recognising its particular agency that allows my understanding of Sculpture to be expanded.
Colour and the textural surface act as an invitation to the viewer. 

Organic forms combined with fleshy pinks and fragmented edges offer bodily connotations without being representational.

The ability to walk around work within the space offers a sense of tangibility and a clearer grasp on the human-object relationship.

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