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Rosie Dolton


Rosie Dolton is a mixed media artist based in Bristol. Working in a variety of mediums, she creates beautifully detailed and expressive drawings of wildlife, often on a larger-than-life scale. 


The beauty she finds in natural environments is a key source of inspiration. Yet, the work also incorporates elements from overlooked details found when walking through an urban setting; the random composition of dripped paint, the peeling layers of old posters on a billboard, the pattern of a cracked pavement.  This tension between what is natural or unnatural, is presented through her choice of colours, textures and how these are intentionally layered in her work, resulting in an original and dynamic drawing style. 


Her work highlights the plight of endangered animals and these creatures feature as the focus of her pieces. For her final masters project,  URBAN/JUNGLE, Rosie eschewed a cute and cuddly depiction of animals.  These creatures confront the viewer, staring, with giant lifelike eyes, as if to pass judgement about the effect of human activity on their environment.


Instagram: @rosiedoltonartist


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