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Richard Skerratt


After graduating from Manchester School of Art with a BA in Filmmaking during the initial Covid-19 crisis, I realised that I wanted to learn and create more from outside of an area that I was comfortable in. I came into MA Visual Communication at Bath School of Design as a music photographer, but I have steadily guided myself towards more graphic design-based work.


My work relies on analogue concepts and techniques mixed with future-proof technology to create something that I never want to be seen the same every time it is viewed.


Capturing a split second in time that will never repeat itself is what I strive for when photographing gigs and concerts and I have carried this mechanism forward into everything I do.


I have been fortunate to work within subjects that are huge parts of my life, for example Drinking In?, a 70-page book made over six weeks with Alessio Pacioni and Finlay Naylor as a guide to the independent coffee scene and the confusing elements surrounding it.


My MA project is a re-imagining of all the graphics of London-based indie band BLOXX’s 2020 debut album Lie Out Loud, which to me is a natural conclusion to this album cycle as I toured with them as the writing for the album was only just beginning.


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