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Rachel Grisewood


Creating Marigold House

By Rachel Grisewood


Marigold House, a design, communication and research studio.  Here she welcomes everyone, collaborating with local communities and businesses to tell their stories. 


Rachel has been writing a journal since her early 20’s - filling it with love affairs, romances and unrequited love, the birth of her daughter Olive and learning how to be a parent, running her business Manna from Heaven for 20 years in Australia, and food and wine, always Good Food and Good Wine. 

From Hydra to London, Western Australia to Bellingen, Cairo to Bhutan and back home again to Bellingen in Northern NSW, Australia. Rachel loves to cook wherever she goes, creating recipes and dishes to share with everyone she meets and the people she loves. 

For the last three years Rachel has made her own journals using her own bookbinding method. During her MA studies at Bath Spa University, she has been making and writing one a month. These journals are often bejeweled and bedazzled with found beads, colourful pictures and embroidery threads. In these journals Rachel writes, draws and designs every day.

Everywhere Rachel goes her journal goes too, as Oscar Wilde said;

 “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train”

Instagram: @marigoldhouseinbellingen


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