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Mr Jonathan Aird Leckie

I am a mature artist who decided to do a MA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University after I took early retirement from teaching in 2020. I'm keen to develop my painting practice and fully realise my potential even at this later stage in life.

portrait - JONATHAN LECKIE.jpg

Artist Statement

In some ways this is a conclusion to my year long approach to my own painting practice, however it is the start not the end. From the start of the course my work has meandered and evolved, come to dead ends as I have struggled to find a ‘form’ to express and embody my feelings and emotions, and place in the world.


Currently my painting practice appears to be concerned with using simple objects depicted in a loose and painterly style (cups, buckets, lampposts or faces) as a vehicle to examine the human condition and an individual’s place in the world from an existential and absurdist perspective. Notions such as aging, decrepitude, precarity, fear and paranoia, angst permeate the work. I’m also interested in the interplay of jocularity or the bizarre with the grotesque.

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