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Milli Bea Williams


Milli Bea Williams is a mixed media textile artist and designer specialising in embroidered artworks and luxury silk scarves. Her work is a celebration of the colour, pattern and sheer joy and abundance found in the natural world.


Milli adopts a number of techniques in her artworks - free hand machine embroidery, appliqué and embellishment as well as print and dye, creating intricate and tactile textiles.

To compliment her artworks, Milli has produced a range of silk scarves which exploit her original drawing and collages. Each scarf is printed in the UK using a delicate silk crepe de chine.


Through her immersion in the study of nature, Milli enjoys a deep rooted sense of peace and positivity which she aims to share in her printed and embroidered floral paradise.

Instagram: @millibea_design/


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