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Mark Burch

My name is Mark Burch, I’m a painter who lives and works in Wiltshire, UK. After completing my BA in Southampton, I wanted to explore painting further at Bath School of Art and Design. My recent practice takes inspiration from vintage fashions, images and spaces, as I manipulate existing references from the past. I find myself particularly drawn to colours, culture and context in perhaps forgotten scenes. 


Instagram: @markburchart



Artist Statement

My current practice explores painting in relationships to retro nostalgia, and a manipulation of references sourced through vintage interiors, image, advertisements and patterns.


Attaining the reference first is an important part of the process, as it will inform the formal qualities of the work. Motifs like colour, pattern, texture or composition will dictate the content and choice of manipulation; this being a criteria which acts as a tool to redact information.  This initial selection process leads to a desire to edit out all unnecessary pragmatisms within the painting, to strip the image down to the core of my interests, leaving only the basic notions of form, depth and a sense of place within time. The abstraction comes with a challenge of reduction, but also gives space for the paint to perhaps behave on its own. Unexpected forms and affairs may occur but are always embraced, which aids to the ambiguity to the image. A juxtaposition of language and references will also make themselves available, depending on the interpretation of the manifestation of the reference. 


My interests particularly lie within the uncanny experience I receive when looking at images from the past, particularly scenes prior to my time. They allow you to be removed from this timeline briefly; to reflect or explore a different era. My aim is to project this feeling of travel, space, and bizarre nostalgia. I felt this best resides in relation to the everyday, recognisable experience. 

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