Katie Rhys Jones

My name is Katie Rhys Jones and I am an artist based in Bath. I am interested in a big view and make large, colourful acrylic paintings collaged from aerial images of places that are known, frequented and special to me. I have been a maker for as long as I can remember and after studying art at school and a successful career in teaching, have returned to a subject I love to complete my Masters in Fine Art.

Email: Katie@rhysjones.com

Artist Statement

My work draws on the tradition of Abstract Expressionism and plays on the interaction between brush and surface. It is anchored in the figurative but increasingly abstracted; people may or may not identify the specific place or landscape evoked by the painting.


My methodology encompasses research, walking, drawing, photography and collage: I am drawn to a big view and use aerial images as a starting point for painting; observation from up high facilitates detachment from the scene but also an understanding of past, present and future in the land it represents.


Researching the physical environment by walking in and through space has become increasingly important to my practice as I chart a journey through the land. And drawing with a brush directly onto canvas to identify key shapes, block colour and abstract form are now driven by collage, created literally or in my mind. 

Bath School of Art and

Bath School of Design

Bath Spa University

Locksbrook Road

01225 875875