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Katie Rhys Jones

Katie Rhys Jones is an artist based in Bath. Inspired by landscape and a big view, I make large, colourful acrylic paintings collaged from aerial images of places that are often known, frequented and special to me. The work is increasingly abstracted and may reflect a walk taken in the locality or lately a pressing environmental concern. I have been a maker for as long as I can remember and after a successful career in teaching, and raising my daughter through her early years, I have returned to a subject I love to complete my Masters in Fine Art.


Instagram: @katie_rhysjones

katie 3.jpg

Artist Statement

Essentially my work is about Place – and by that I mean the mapping of place in paint.


I’m drawn to a big view, am most interested in colour and form and am thinking about the impact humans have on the physical environment. Walking is pertinent to the practice as is aerial photography, both to enable an understanding of past, present and future in the land it represents and my own journey through it. My work is increasingly abstracted. Collages made literally or in my mind are helping me distil the essence of the place I perceive, and I am thinking about the surface of the work as I unearth the history and topography of the locality.


I’m also increasingly thinking about the preservation of place due to the world we currently live in and the Climate Crisis that we face. I am drawn to celebrate our natural environment at a time when it is at risk and am thinking about isolation (in the light of globalisation and a pandemic) and the role of mankind in this fragile world.

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