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Katie Allen


Katie Allen is a shepherd and designer-maker based in the Cotswolds.  Under her brand, Loopy Ewes, she creates 100% traceable knitwear; grown, spun and handmade in South West England using the wool from her flock of native breed sheep.   Every piece is distinctive in design, offering bold patterns and eye-catching colour. 


As the farmer, designer and garment producer for her knitwear, she takes responsibility for each stage of production - from getting her hands dirty in the field, to fully fashioning each garment on her knitting machine. Her hand-crafted knitwear demonstrates how British wool can be grown regeneratively, simply and locally processed, resulting in clothing that is beautiful, honest and good for the earth.  


She uses shepherding processes that honour soil and biodiversity to encourage a wholesome farmed environment, alongside careful attention to slow, hand-crafted production. Her compassion for her sheep and the land they graze, combined with an innovative commitment to regional, low-carbon processing enables her to work sustainability all along the supply chain, creating an important connection between people, place and product.


●      RSA Student Design Awards 2021, Winner

●      Bradford Textiles Society Design Awards 2021, Commendation for Responsible Design

●      Crafts Council Crafting Business Alumni 2021


Instagram: @loopyewes


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