Kate Ellis

Having finished my degree and trained as an art teacher, I decided to start my MA to refocus on my artistic practice. The French group ‘Supports/Surfaces’ inspired me to consider the impact of different applications of paint and presentation of the work. Currently my work explores themes of hybridity, combining techniques used primarily within painting, textiles or sculpture. The pieces I have selected were created by collaging layers of painted canvas, stitching them directly onto the surface of the work. After experimenting with different colours I decided to produce a greyscale piece focussing on the impact of application and texture.

Website: www.katelellis.com

Instagram: @katelellisart

Artist Statement

My research has allowed me to consider the versatile nature of paint, exploring the relationships between paint, sculpture and textiles. This is heavily explored within the concept of hybridity, which considers the balance between these relationships. During my research I became particularly inspired by the French collective group ‘Supports/Surfaces’ that explored the impact of material, scale and presentation on the perception of the work. Adherents were interested in the flatness of the painting surface and explored multiple techniques to disrupt it. This research has resulted in the production of pieces that incorporate qualities from multiple mediums. 


The three pieces exhibited within the show are a part of my recent ‘Assemblage: Collaged Paintings’.  These pieces explore shape and form through the interaction of stitched geometric layers, creating pictorial depth whilst disturbing the surface of the work. They demonstrate a curiosity of the qualities of material and a developing interest in positive and negative space. I decided to use flat planes of colour in order to focus on shape and space within the work. Throughout this process I became particularly interested in layering sections of the same colour, as a way to incorporate structure within the composition. These sections encourage the viewer to peer deeper into the work in order to notice subtle details. 


After experimenting with different colours I decided to produce a greyscale piece focussing on the impact of application and texture. I experimented with viscosity, tone and the direction of brush strokes to create subtle differences between the stitched shapes, helping create perspective within the piece as the shapes interact. Texture was introduced through the deliberate introduction of creases and folds within the work, helping reinforce subtle variations across multiple layers. I would like to continue exploring the introduction of texture further alongside a wider variety of colour and tone. 

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