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Juli Bharucha

Prior to completing the MA I worked within commercial ceramic settings and taught for many years in the UK and abroad. Interwoven into my life has always been the thread of clay, sometimes with prominence, sometimes humming in the background, yet always persisting. The challenge of ceramics and an incessant thirst to expand my material knowledge of this complex discipline is relentless. The MA has given me the opportunity to recalibrate, bringing together many latent ideas, namely a curiosity and investigation into our inner human emotional worlds and my love of working with porcelain.


Instagram: @julibharucha

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Artist Statement

We perceive the world through our senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Conversely, there is the elusive, the unseen, our powerful emotional inner worlds; invisible forces that underlie every decision we make. Often referred to as “the human condition”, we grapple with existence, communication and our perception of each other. What lays hidden inside belies our outer skins.


Working intuitively, seeking a tangible expression of our internal selves, has led me to develop an emergent methodology – making, writing and photography generate a material dialogue between body, clay and light. Porcelain layers interweave and spiral, evoking fragility; nichrome wire twists and pierces the skin of the clay forcing its way into internal space; kiln firings capture work at the point of collapse.


Deliberately complex and intimate, my work is an expression of inner turmoil. Through cracks, markings and surface textures, I aim to bring into being the potent influences that make us human, creating a ceramic dialogue that sits beyond words.

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