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Judith Rodgers

I am an artist-curator-cultural practitioner currently completing my MA in Curatorial Practice at Bath Spa. I am passionately gravitated to researching and curating arts practices and cultural activities that can activate engagement with the precarity of our contemporary times and work from hope and with heart. I have a degree in Fine Art and a first degree in Environmental Studies and Literature and a previous postgraduate degree in Gender Society and Culture that informs and grounds my critical thinking, knowledge and lifelong learning.



Artist Statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist-curator and project manager. Creating objects, installations, collage and print, driven by materials and research with an ongoing thread that explores the boundary of what is authentic artifact and absurd utensil, what is votive and what is redundant. Collaboration and participation are key motifs that inspire and inform my art practice and curatorial approach. 


I have a background in social care, and for many years was a practitioner working in the field of Ending Violence to Women and Girls and acutely recognise the challenges of societal change and the many urgent needs and ways to act and interact in the world with injustice and ecological collapse. Probing how social histories, privilege and inequalities become subsumed and obscured is important to me. My curatorial practice is committed to values of reciprocity, elevating multiple modalities and diverse cultures of knowledge and the importance of ways to listen, learn (and laugh together) and share perspectives. 


I am especially motivated in exploring how meaningful encounters can be made and retained with resilience, resourcefulness and (political/social) resistance forming pillars of transformation. Exploring modes of thinking, embodiment, artistry, discussion and representation that can yield to new and exciting ways of seeing and being with the world. My curatorial approach is interested in developing ways to ‘sit’ with discomfort and how disharmony can offer discoveries and understandings that reveal more of our humanity together. Ways of storytelling, the exploration of knowledges, lightness of touch and levity are important ingredients that can form constellations to find new paths and engender new possibilities and perspectives. 

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