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Jennifer James

My name is Jennifer James and I am an artist based in Bath. I am an interactive soft sculpture performance artist, working with various fabrics and other materials, who looks at subjects such as multi-sensory environments and the body. I am extremely obsessed with colour and texture, and utilise it within various pieces of work. I am an advocate of art and the viewer becoming united as one, and believe that art should be an interactive experience in order for the viewer to really gain anything from it.


Instagram: @jennifer.elizabeth.artist


JAMES_Jennifer_Artist Portrait - JENNIFER JAMES.jpg

Artist Statement

Exploring immersive art installation, my practice incorporates and attempts to garner an emotional and physical reaction from the viewer. I work with various materials that invite the viewer to touch and feel, and often bring a sense of play within pieces. The act of play and bringing out the inner child within an adult is very dominant within my practice.


I have always been increasingly aware and interested in the state of my mental health, and use my practice to portray certain aspects of it. Safe spaces have always been extremely important to me and my mental well-being, thus exploring this concept of comfort and safety, was inevitable within my practice. Throughout this MA course I have been using these notions of safety to shape my work, but during this last module I wanted to push further and turn my ideas and concepts into something unsuspected. I have been researching certain carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap or the Pitcher plant. These plants lure their victims with sight, smell and taste, falsely portraying a welcoming environment for insects, only to trap and devour them. For this final exhibition I will be lulling the viewer into a false sense of security, inviting them to be involved into a seemingly harmless fluffy and pink installation, allowing them to think they will be getting comfy. However, on closer inspection with the body, the viewer will realise all is not as it seems.

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