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Jason Ortiaga


I am an illustrator and artist based in Swansea, South Wales. I specialise in designing illustrations for fashion and editorials, working digitally and traditionally across multiple mediums.  

I focus on producing designs that best showcase my personal style, focussing on my passion and interests within illustration editorials within media that tell a story through the passage of text and also the industry of fashion illustration in which I produce work to exhibit culture and gender through influences found in magazines and fashion brands, also creating designs for international and global fashion competitions. 

I primarily work in a digital format within Procreate on my iPad Pro. More influences stem from contemporary and past cultures, with personal inspirations found in multiple places, from everyday life to social media.  

The majority of themes I have produced designs for are those relating in culture, fluidity of gender, mindfulness, fashion and experimenting elements found in historical and contemporary movements. These topics and skills have been a part of my focal interests since starting my career within illustration a number of years ago, especially during my time doing a BA (Hons) Illustration course at Swansea College of Art. 


Instagram: @ortiagadesigns


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