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Hannah Fry


Currently making a series of plans using a fluorescent pink brush pen, mapping out, the structure begins to form and melt. covers the wall, making adjustments when necessary, listening, thinking, the other rests . Boxes have started taking over the space now. time to go outside. Finding the light, first street too dark, the second much better, people stop in their tracks. Takamoto stops to take a look, we get chatting, 'enchanting' he exclaims, 'how much is that?' he asks. The story begins to evolve further. Sometimes working with the body and intuitive movement involving both care and destruction.




Artist Statement

The work develops in a variety of spaces, the street a place to make connections. The room a place to practice making diagrams, focusing on small sculptures and diagrams. The window pane becomes a surface of expression too. Cardboard masks are being constructed and a short film helps focus the mind. The story is told through the sequence of movement, reading Cinema 1, Giles Deleuze but only at intervals. There is a continuation of sketchbook work, a stack of collages, small drawings from various locations that are and will always be my references.

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