Fran Chambers

I am an interdisciplinary artist from South Yorkshire currently living in Cardiff. My practice mainly centres around video and moving images, translating objects and sculptures into digital media to form social critiques of the twenty-first century.


Instagram: @_fran.artist


Artist Statement

An explicit approach to physical desire dominates my art. Focusing on the role of my abject self and that of the physical object within moving image, my practice begins to subvert and undermine the traditional beauty and naivety commonly associated with women and media in society. Using pornography as a direct means of communication I delve into the forced infantilisation of the female form in culture, and also how we as a population are now infantilised ourselves by our dependency on the culture industry and the products of capitalism. The embodiment and subsequent removal from the body of soft and compellingly flesh-like latex phallic objects, plays into question not only our ideas of what it is that we desire and why we desire it, but also that of the simultaneous repulsion and attraction of the physical body. The tactile objects become pseudo replacements for sexual organs that become a visual portrayal of my own desires of materiality, creating a surrogate for physical connection and pleasure.


Exploring the vulgarity and fetishisation of objects, my work forms a critique of the commodity and the everyday through the subliminal symbolism of tactility, sensuality and lust. Intense sensory elements, purposely abrasive and soothing, are ingrained into my practice to agitate and confront the viewer. Physically and mentally enveloping them into the consumerist system before realisation can occur. Unnerving small snippets of imagery embedded in strong notions of femininity aim to titillate, amuse and seduce, absorbing you into the world of pure intensities. Though this process of uninhibited desire and yearning the mouth of capitalism consumes the viewer, mimicking the authentic world.

Bath School of Art and

Bath School of Design

Bath Spa University

Locksbrook Road

01225 875875