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Fran Chambers

Fran Chambers - ‘She Came From Uranus’ Video Showcase (2021)

Fran Chambers - ‘She Came From Uranus’ Video Showcase (2021)

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I am a interdisciplinary artist from South Yorkshire currently living in Cardiff. Currently working with video and installation, I create highly saturated humorous art that aims to toe the line between fine art and humour, sci-fi and erotica.


Instagram: @_fran.artist



Artist Statement

My work centres around subverting traditional notions of femininity. Deeply embedded in elements of feminist sci-fi, the abject woman and complex sublime world building. Intense sensory elements, purposely abrasive and soothing, are ingrained into my practice to agitate and confront the viewer. A place where the abject body is also seen as an object of fascination and eroticism. Something you are immensely drawn to that you cannot look away from. The abject becomes objects of curiosity, titillation and entertainment. Extremely seductive and sexual.


Using humour, voyeuristic snippiest of imagery titillates and seduces the forced infantilisation current society has enacted upon us. The tactile objects become a visual portrayal of my own desires of materiality, creating a surrogate for physical connection and pleasure. Thus creating my own intimate world of fabricated femininity by means of solo performance and the looped gaze. In this the camera becomes an observer that I perform to. It records an explicit experience of myself to myself. I become the observer observing myself.

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