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Fin Naylor


My name is Fin - i'm a Queer, Bath based, multi-disciplinary artist currently specialising in digital illustration. My work centres primarily around ideas of identity and the human psyche, and I love drawing on Surrealist and Dadaist methodologies when creating my work. I use bright colours and a mixture of real and absurd imagery to create my illustrations, and like to walk the line between these two paradigms. 


My interest in themes of reality - exploring the concept of the 'self'; interrogating what can be real in a surreal space; discussing the fluidity of these things - stems from a lifelong interest in Philosophy. Being a specifically Queer artist, I feel myself constantly returning to themes of identity and the ever-shifting nature of what it is to be human. This is something that I have decided to explore more categorically in my Master's project. 

Instagram: @thefinnaylor


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