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Emma Robertson


Emma Robertson is a printer and surface pattern designer, producing textiles for soft furnishing and accessories.  She explores digital and craft processes in her work, incorporating a passion for drawing using a range of media directly on transparent film which is then used to produce stencils for screen printing.

Subject matter is found in the near environment, deriving inspiration from the everyday and familiar, from household items and plumbing to the flora and wildlife found in a domestic garden.  These themes are then developed in distinct directions, reflecting the artist’s eclectic influences in graphics, illustration, and the world of fine art. Outcomes are sometimes created through a process of deconstruction and amalgamation, resulting in abstract decorative motifs, whilst others are achieved by rendering the drawing directly from observation onto the transparency allowing for spontaneity of mark and a sense of place and immediacy.

Colour ideas are developed in response to the character of the design, in some cases subtle, harmonious, or monochrome shades are used, in others, achromatic with vivid accents.  Final products comprise unique conversation pieces to complement and enliven the home environment.

Instagram: @emmarobertson96


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