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Eirini Chorianopoulou

I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Bath. Since 1996 my practice was mainly in painting. Completing the MA Fine Art in Bath Spa University, I am now making, moving images, short films, paintings on light boxes and projections installations, creating "environments" or narrative comments on various subjects as the collective oblivion or water politics. In 2011 my kinetic sculpture "House” was exhibited at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Arts in Greece.


Instagram: @h.eirini



Artist Statement

am a multidisciplinary artist with a strong painting background, born and raised in Athens - Greece and based in Bath. In my current work, I mostly explore the phenomenology, as well as the philosophical and embodiment aspects, of the relation between water and collective memory and oblivion.


Projecting on human bodies and water surfaces, collecting and composing sounds and filming underwater, layering and painting on acetate sheets and other transparent materials, I create short narrative films and moving images combined with sounds, as well as painted, layered images on lightboxes.


Mostly inspired by water and nature and our lost connection with these, I investigate topics such as ecofeminism, myths (River Lethe), thinking bodies, the poetics of the unseen and the unheard, digital being, nature and the “other”, the eternal circle of life, silence, nature as a commodity, water embodiment and water politics.

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