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Betsy Bond

I am a Wiltshire based mixed media artist, working with scale manipulation; using sculpture to investigate perception of spaces, memory and imaginations. I returned to education to develop my practice in 2015 at 28 years old. I have since exhibited in 8 group shows including Bargehouse, 44AD and Hauser & Wirth. I obtained a 1st (Hons) BA in Contemporary Arts Practice at Bath Spa University in 2020. Prizes awarded: ‘Beyond the Studio’ Student prize for Entrepreneurship in Contemporary Arts Practice, Bath Spa University; Guinness World Record “Largest Knitting Needles”; Principal’s Award for Outstanding Achievement and Outstanding Performance in Art & Design, Wiltshire College.


Instagram: @betsybondartist



Artist Statement

My practice is predominantly in printmaking and sculpture, reflecting on domestic spaces and the objects we choose to represent ourselves and our ideals. Working with variable scales manifests different ways of exploring my work, the creative process, and the art world. I attend the creative process as a form of play, finding joy in solidifying happy memories and hopes as well as facing the intimidating.


I document my relationships to places and objects through their impact on identity and memory, my practice often reflects my history. I am fascinated by the way in which place and object imprint on our memory, and how they affect our creations, reflections and views of the world and spaces we inhabit and reach for.


My recent work seeks to express my perception of the external world and my lived experiences that connects with a wider human experience. The figure scenes of ‘Loss’, ‘Isolation’ and ‘Connection’, 2021, are singular moments formed from memories that pertain to the larger story of all our lived experiences. Exploring the life through my memories, feelings and personal insight exposes something that is much more universal.

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