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Amy Butlin

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in Weston super Mare. My practice includes drawing, film, textiles, installation and performance. I completed my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design with Animation at the University of the West of England (Bristol) in 2008 and since then have worked in the charity and education sectors. In addition to my art practice, I am training to become a counsellor.

Instagram: @amy.butlin


abportrait - AMY BUTLIN.jpg

Artist Statement

My practice is concerned with an ongoing, personal search for self. It explores the process of seeking after who and what I am as well as the paradoxical and futile nature of such an endeavour, given the understanding of a self as something that is unfixed and impermanent. My work aims to articulate the sense of absence and silence that arises from this, and an awareness of a part of me that cannot be experienced or articulated directly.


I employ a form of large-scale automatic drawing as a space for these processes and feelings to be played out, experienced and observed. The marks and images are a sometimes faltering outpouring, an imperfect attempt to access the unconscious. They are deliberately shifting and impermanent. This drawing space evolves and grows outwards in response to itself, into other media and activities including textiles, installation, film, photography and performance. I make use of my physical presence and absence in these works in a bid to embody the processes that I am navigating.

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