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Amelia Holman

I am a Bath-based multi-disciplinary artist, who gained a Distinction in Art and Design at Bath College, before graduating in Creative Arts Practice at Bath Spa University; my final project, FaceHats, being featured at Fringe Arts Bath. I am currently focusing on an MA in Fine Art. I enjoy working in 2D and 3D, including animation, drawing and bricolage sculpture (using found materials such as cardboard and bubble wrap), as well as photography to capture my own work and to support charities (including Neema Crafts). I am influenced by the animated world, seeking to convey and communicate that fear, anxiety and panic can be humorous.


Instagram: @facehats



Artist Statement

I am a multidisciplinary student who works with drawing, sculpture and textiles.


I enjoy working with audio, animation, creating large scale works and characters. Fashioning this elaborate, humorous, fun world or atmosphere in which the audience can interact with.


To build these environments, I construct backdrops where I project images onto. In addition I use the method of painting or drawing directly onto the wall.


My work is a reminder of a world that is every bit as fantastical or amusing, but also happens to provide the added dimension of depth. I produce 3D creatures that can be seen, touched, even smelt. These are definable not as any particular species of animal or human, but as epitomes of emotions, from happiness to sadness, fear and anger to desire and affection. As such, my creations hover between emojis and puppets.

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